Our Stories: How Enduring Hope Helped Me

JB35TCNFVEAs personal testimonies, these stories are not intended to endorse any particular behavior or lifestyle. The women that we support have different stories and come from a variety of backgrounds and situations and are all accepted at Enduring Hope regardless of their circumstances or past decisions. Many of the women who have sought help from Enduring Hope came because they were in need of help to make changes. The counseling process is intensely personal and results strongly depend on individual commitment and determination. Enduring Hope offers help and support as you walk through difficult challenges. We are happy to be a part of many success stories, like these below.

Kelly’s Story
I am receiving counseling through Enduring Hope and it has been a positive influence in my life in so many ways.  It has improved my growth and stability.  I would not be who I am today without Enduring Hope’s guidance and support.  Without their free of charge service they provide I would not be able to attend these important sessions.  I am forever grateful this organization helps not only me but many others.  They not only are great at the work they do but they have a true passion for wanting to assist others.  Their time and effort doesn’t go unnoticed and is truly appreciated.

My Anchor in the Storm
F2261F2A9FEnduring Hope has been such a blessing to me.  It was my anchor in the storm as I worked through many painful truths and decisions that I had to make.
I first met Doreen Weiss in 2008, when looking for a counselor.  I felt as if the world was closing in on me and I knew that I had to seek counsel;  good and solid biblical counsel.  I would like to share that I started my journey of getting help for myself with another counselor.  That counselor was well meaning but I just was not getting the help I needed.  I thought back to the time that I had met Doreen and decided to give her a call to see if she would meet with me.  She was very gracious and we set a time to meet.  I would like to say a few words about Doreen and why I believe she is so gifted in ministering to those in need.  Firstly, she is forthright and holds nothing back, yet she does it with the love of Christ.  She is about helping people to get to the heart of the issue, assuring you all the while that you are not alone.  Her love for our Lord is evident and she clearly counsels in such a way.  Let’s be real, counseling is not “fun” or “enjoyable” by nature, because it is a catalyst for bringing up issues that must be discussed and then dealt with, requiring great introspection.  Truly working on oneself to begin down the path of hope and healing is exhausting and not a quick fix.  Doreen is a great encourager and she always prayed with me.  I felt loved and prayed for, even when we were apart and in between sessions.

Shock, Panic and Heartbreak
Ten years ago I unexpectedly discovered my husband was involved with ongoing extra-martial affairs. I was in shock, panic and deeply heartbroken. As the reality and pain of the betrayal sank in, I quickly became involved with Divorce Care at my church for group support and love. I also knew I wanted something more… individual Christ-centered counseling to specifically help me navigate the heart ache, anger and confusion then eventually dating again and marriage. Doreen’s professional expertise and godly wisdom paired with grace and truth was exactly the help I needed. Because I experienced first-hand the surpassing benefits of Enduring Hope Ministries and there is nothing else like it in the Pittsburgh area to help women in really painful situations or crisis, I financially give to this one-of-a-kind cause. Without the work of Enduring Hope Ministries, hundreds of women in our city would not receive counseling support, renewed strength and renewed hope. And I can’t live with that thought. I want to help this amazing ministry!